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Clara Ueland Art Work

Printmaking - Painting - Photography

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Water in the landscape

is the theme

running through my work.


"Water plants, wave forms, light effects on water, rocks--these are some of the subjects that lend their forms to my drawings, prints, paintings and photographs.


"Travels to wilderness areas and Lake Superior provide inspiration. There I take photos and use them as reference for forms and compositions.


"In the drawing process I try to strike a balance between eye and mind, between representation and abstraction, between the demands of the subject and the demands of the pictorial space--bringing outer and inner worlds together through the medium of art.


"I would like my work to reflect the beauty, unity and balance of the natural world."    


 - Clara Ueland







Northrup King Building

Studio 447

1500 Jackson Street NE

Minneapolis, MN 55413


Please e-mail me for

more information,

availability and pricing.

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